Instructions for use Dietonus

The characteristics of the capsules Dietonus

Method of application Dietonus

In addition to high efficiency, slimming capsule Dietonus different and easy to use. All the people who wanted the purpose of this tool, to choose for themselves the best graphics of admission, given the mode of life and way of eating.

For maximum effect, the manufacturers recommend following this procedure of taking the drug:

  • white capsules should be taken with 8 to 11 am and during the lunch;
  • red capsules are preferably consumed from 12 to 15 hours (during the breakfast, food);
  • the blue pill need to drink 17 to 20 hours for dinner.

Duration of the course of treatment of the drug is 1 month. If necessary, you can repeat the course, doing the 2-3 weeks of rest.

Dietonus has natural ingredients, so that the experts rule out any contraindications and side effects. The only limitation is individual intolerance to the ingredients of the composition. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should be cautious at taking the capsules. For this reason, before of course you want to go for a first consultation with a doctor (nutritionist, endocrinologist).

If you combine the use of capsules Dietonus with the exercise in the gym and a special diet, it is possible to get good results. The manufacturer claims that in 1 month, even without much effort a person can lose 10 pounds. But these figures apply only to people with extremely high body weight (over 100 kg). If the weight is not more than 90 kg, the weight of the reduction will be a little bit worse, but they are still visible. And it is rather an advantage capsules Dietonusthat's a disadvantage, because the critical weight harmful effect on the human body, as a kind of stress. For this reason, the natural diet plan tablets is more than reasonable.